Automatically split Shopify orders

Using our Order Split app you can automatically split orders with out of stock units/variants from in stock.

Our Customers

Use order tags to easily integrate with your WMS & ERP

Our app allows you to set custom order tags to identify orders that need to be put on hold.

Display custom pre order information on product pages

Customize how you present custom pre order order products with our simple frontend options that utilize Shopify's Metafields.


We have a 2 tier subscription pricing model. We also offer custom pricing for customers who require it.

Up to 5k split orders/mo

$250 USDĀ / month


$0.50 per generated order

5k+ split orders/mo

$1,050 USDĀ / month


$0.05 per generated order


Is this app only for Shopify Plus?

No, our app works for all Shopify tiers.

What is the installation process like?

Simple and fast:

  1. Install app via Shopify custom app link
  2. Frontend integration (can vary depending on theme complexity)
  3. Verify installation via order tests
  4. Go live

This whole process can happen in 12 - 48 hours depending on the complexity of your theme

How instant is the order generation?

Almost instantly, a few milliseconds after the original order is placed, if there are pre orders line items then the new order(s) generate in seconds.

Do generated orders duplicate charges to the customer?

No, generated orders are $0 and only the original order retains the value of the actual order.

How does the app know which line items / variants to split?

We use 3 metafields on the variant level to determine:

  1. Which products are pre order
  2. If a pre order product then we assign a date / identifier to know which variants to group together when generating new orders (variants with the same identifier are grouped together)